Forsaken Rising - New Server - Heavy RP - LFM for Religious Inquisition

Awesome new server with 5 active, engaging, and rotating GMs who run events. The New Gods (GMs) seek to dominate one another, and call upon those to become their champions. I play an overzealous champion of the Sun God who seeks to purge everything he deems corrupted with fire.

I am looking for someone else to join me in this crusade. My character is loved by everyone, but people are starting to question his methods and thinking. I am looking for someone to go around with me and engage with others in this quest for purity through fire. (18+)

This is a Heavy RP server with rules, but it is laid back and a ton of fun with some talented RPers. There is a discord. Look for Thanatos if you would like to join, my Clan is about 7 strong (Out of 8 cap) and I am the main worshiper of this particular god.