Forsaken Sagas (18+ RP)

Forsaken Sagas (18+ RP) server is looking for Administrative Staff. If you are interested in helping players, if you have lots of spare time, if you love roleplay, maybe you can join…the A Team (that is, the Admin Team :stuck_out_tongue: ). We are looking for the following:
Facilitators - First member of Admin Staff, they plan and coordinate events and storylines for the server.
Moderators - Second member of Admin Staff, they help answer questions, address rules infractions and generally keep an eye on things. They also help out Facilitators as they can. Think of them as server guards, protecting and serving the community.
Administrators - They answer questions, address serious rules infractions, arbitrate player conflicts, and wield a number of tools on the server including the “ban hammer.” Think of them as magistrates or judges.

To get started, join our Discord, read over our rules and reach out to the Lead Admin for an interview. We look forward to meeting you!