Forum Tutorials (and their badges)


Some folks have noticed forum badges relating to tutorials and wondered to themselves, or out loud, “Where do I get these wonderful badges?” Well, your wait is over. Here’s what you do:

  • Message our friend @catbot (formerly discobot) with ‘start new user’ in the body (subject can be anything)
  • If you encounter anything you can’t do, such as the ‘flag’ section, just reply with ‘skip’ to continue
  • After receiving your certificate & badge reply with ‘start advanced user’ to learn even more forum features!

Licensed - Interactive Advanced User Tutorial - Where?
Unable to flag @Catbot in tutorial

Hello! Send me a private message using the above instructions to learn more about these forums!


We don’t trust robots…can you turn into a Discocat?


I’ll send it up the line.


I’ll put in a vote for Discocat :wink:

Also, i really enjoyed the tutorial, and learned some new things:)


I want DiscoCat too :frowning: but yes thank you for this - I was actually very surprised to see that i was only 1 of 16 that had the “Giving it back” badge - you people have no heart!


I got stuck in the new user tutorial after the flag bit. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one as there are more members with the advanced badge than the new user one…


Flagging the post only gives you the option to “send a message” and not just flagging it as “inappropriate” as it asks you to.
Type skip.


@Aeryl & Meta-Moth — You’re right. I’ve updated the post to include that specifically as something to skip.




i vote for discodog ! :dog2:


Clearly it should be called CatBot!


Going with the disco theme, gotta just add in there “Discoduck”.

  • DiscoCat
  • CatBot
  • DiscoDog
  • DiscoDuck

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This Multi-Choice Poll for suggestions to rename @discobot ends Noon Eastern Time 22 June 2018.


@FormlessBlackVoidI hope the renaming wasn’t forgotten. it’s important!


It is important.