FPS serverside override

Hi there.
Can FPS be limited on the server side?
Example: Create single/multiplayer and i had good 60 fps.
Connect to some server - and i had 30 fps, no matter video setting i choose.

If you are talking about Server FPS in DebugHud this is the server’s tick rate.

It’s FPS, showing by Hosav’s UI mod.
So, it server issue? So I’m confused…how local fps can interfere with server…

Oh ok, I don’t use the mod and I don’t know which value it displays. I have capped my FPS to 60 to not have flying rhinos and I usually have no issues maintaining 60.

So thats the point: i build 90% equal base both online and single. And single do 60 fps, server - 30 in equal situation. Thing, that angry me - that 30 fps is saved when changing settings from ultra to minimum, no matter. So that thing aroused suspicions that the problem is in the server

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