FPS Drop After Patch - How many people are on official unmodded servers?

After reading a post by Dellyna here Massive FPS drops It made me wonder how many have ended up with the FPS issue while on just plain vanilla Official Servers and no old mod history in game databases.

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So this has gone a whole day with no response. Is it possible that Funcom never found the bug because only installs that have or have had mods encounter the problem?

It is also possible that nobody noticed this post or was interested in responding. However, it seems likely that mods ultimately are at the heart of this issue, even after they are removed.

I noticed your post and appreciated the intent. Trying to separate indicators help the devs. Thanks for that.

Unfortunately, I could not respond because I do not play officials. I can offer this, though …

Private online server, never has a mod touched these databases. Absolutely no FPS drop, stutter or any other related problems.

I use solo to document stuff for the Wiki and use one mod that shows hp on the healthbar. It’s very limited in functionality and that’s why I chose it, just to show me the hp. No issues there, either.

I hope this thread gains traction since it would give the devs a solid clue.




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