FPSdrops/sounds and music stutters

Hey dear Devs!!

I have followong problem:/
Ingame-sounds are cracklin’ and stutters if i look to plants/vegetation. Look to the sky, sounds/music okay and look down2my feed and sounds/music ok. But looking arround and the area with vegetation, the sounds crackling and stutters.
And if i run the sounds/music comes clear. If i stopped the show starts again-.- And during climbing. Additionaly comes FPSdrops now.

Monitoring via MSI afterburner shows, GPU/CPU-Temperature and performance are in green areas. GPU 50%-80% on middle seetings. CPU with 60C° and arround 60%. RAM works fine too.

System: AMD FX 8150, 8core ~ 3,6Ghz
Nvidia 960 GTX (driver actuall)
Win10 Pro with 64Bit (10.0, 17134)

Does anyone know such a problem? And a solution? Is my system not enough? I think my system should be locatet in the middle ranking of the necessary system-requirements.

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I have the same problem, i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and all driver up to date.

Did you manage to fix the problem ?

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