Free DLC unable to download for existing player UK

@Bearcoon Thank you for clarifying, unfortunately the Royal Outfit was exclusively available as a code to pre-orders and certain day one editions. It might also be possible to acquire a code from another user who hasn’t used his or that has a spare one.

The Free Nudity DLC is only available for the digital editions that are indicated in the store page and if you’re in a region that allows for it.
For physical copies, whether the full nudity option is available or not depends on the region of the purchased disk.

OK thanks for the info Well hopefully I’ll be able find someone that can give me that code thanks for the help though

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not sure how to dm on the forum yet, but also have this problem, i live in the uk same region on xbox and still cant get this dlc with the digital copy i own :frowning:

Hello @chaosnsin666, which specific digital edition do you own?

In order to DM ( me for example :stuck_out_tongue: ), you may click on my forum name in this post and then press the blue ‘Message’ button.

I also can’t seem to figure out how to send a direct message, however I don’t have access to this DLC and I bought the game when it was in early access.

I’m in the UK and my language/location are all set to UK,

For free DLC this really isn’t easy to get. Could you give me some help.

My gamertag is Disturbed Dusty.

Just heard back from the team on this situation and, when Conan Exiles moved out of Game Preview, all users who had purchased it during the Game Preview window should’ve received a code for the DLC, so please double-check if you might’ve missed it or forgot to claim it since it won’t be possible to access this DLC without it.

It has likely been sent to the same email registered to your XBox email.

For the other editions, the DLC should be available if the region allows for it, as stated in a previous post in this same topic.

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