Free Kingdoms of Siptah

The Free Kingdoms of Siptah PVP/RP

Raid Time: Saturdays at 8:00 - 11:00 P.M. EST
Harvest: x4.3
Fast crafting speed
Drop on death
No avatars
Quests & events

Anyone who can find and slay the undead kings of old can create a kingdom; whether they can hold the title and enforce their laws is to be seen.

Rulers of regions will hold a council and vote to make decisions that can alter the world. This is the Free Kingdoms, so the server rules are simple and few, mostly to prohibit exploits and griefing to keep PvP fun. It will be up to rulers and the council to deal with aggressive players in-game. A great place for players who want a unique experience, and more PvP than most RP servers.

Coming December 6th

Watch the trailer here