Savage Kingdoms PVP/RP

Savage Kingdoms is a kingdoms based server that is PVP/RP. The server is currently running the Isle of Siptah DLC. The map is divided up into 7 different regions where clans can build capital cities and claim their territory to show their power. Capital details are more thorough in the Discord linked below. The admins are active and have a ton of events planned and plenty of experience running past successful servers. The server play style is open to both old and new players as well as interactions among them.

  • Server restarts happen at 2PM and 2AM CST everyday.
  • PVP is enabled in the world at all times. (Raid times are separate)
  • Raiding is Saturday/Sunday 6PM - 9PM and Wednesday 7PM - 9PM CST.
  • The server is KOD on non-raid days and DOD during raid days.
  • Harvest settings are 4x, some events will include increased rates.
  • Experience multipliers are 2x.
  • Bronze is the server currency, this can be obtained by either attending events that have Bronze as a reward or the Admins buyback system. More info on that is in the Discord.
  • Organized fights are welcomed to the server and we have experienced players who can assist new players if needed.
  • A FAQ tab in the discord to assist new (and rusty) players. Veteran players are super good with answering your questions too!
  • Admins aren’t players on this server, we are strictly here to assist you.

Come join the fun, everyone is friendly and would love to welcome you into our community!