Free Weekend needs more publicity?


When Funcom now decided to run a free weekend i felt reasured that this information really would come out to the public.

It seems it is not, i have several friends and fellow gamers that had no or little information about this, and thats a shame.

I have spoken earlyer regarding a free weekend as a major publishing push, and was looking forward to showing the game to as many people as possible.

I ask Funcom to please push out this info widely, because as it is now it seems its really just word of mouth that market the free weekend.

The game is so much better then many people think and i really hoped that the free weekend would show that to as many gamers as possible.

Just my 2 cent`s on the matter, best of luck this weekend.


Is it still happening? As of now, it’s still regular price.

Exactly, hence my question as to why no real info regarding this is out?
Price in steam is normal, but in steamdb it says “free weekend” sence 24:00 thursday the 7.Mar
Link to steamdb CE info

Tagging @Tascha for notice.

They were just on the live stream and said the free weekend will start “later today”. Unclear when that is.

Really odd. Game has just been put on sale on steam 50%!

Agreed. I did not know about this until the dev stream, and I’m a constant reddit r/ConanExiles lurker.

And it just activated at noon, Central.



It’s live now. Since we we can’t really decide when the weekend goes live we had to wait until we were 100% sure Valve pushed the button, to announce it.

Ignasi already linked the new trailer (thanks to the community members who did let us showcase their creations!) - here is the blogpost and info.
The weekend will run from the 7th to the 11th of March 9pm CET. Conan Exiles is also 50% off for anyone who wants to stay in Hyboria and join our community :slight_smile:

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Please lurk the on the forums and discord instead. As of launch, the forums have become the only official platform. The discord is unofficial, but kept up-to-date as much as possible. The invite links for discord are here:

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