Conan Exiles, Free weekend

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I would like as many as possible to see what Conan Exiles have to offer, thereby my suggestion stated above.

There are other reasons too:

First off, when most people read on steam forums they dont understand that behind all this is an agenda unknown.
Most are fans of other games, or critics with a cause.
The goal is to keep most of their playerbase in the game they allready sink hours in.

So, to open their eyes i would suggest a free weekend in Conan Exiles.

This way the masses will have tested and seen for them self that all this screaming on the steam forums are not only mistaken, but in many cases totally indifferent to most.

If they could be able to play during a free period they would be able to make up their own mind, without the big letters of someone that just got pwned in pwp, or the masses that try their best to defend their own precious agenda.

Do this after sales this summer are over, and the dust settles with pets and what not you have in store for us.

Now, if the sales continue like now im sure there are reasons not to do this, but in my humble opinion you should really consider this. Its a win win situation, as i am sure most people will be surprised positively when testing them selfe.
The game is really playeble and looks better then most, the fact that you included dungeons and some lore is a deadly combination for compeeting games, you need to show it 1`st hand to gamers.

Do not let the herassing style of text in many cases disturb the goal, which is to complete the target of gameplay in Conan Exiles, and get as many players possible logged on a Conan Exiles server.

My 2 cents