Freeze ups, crossplay and dedicated servers?

So, my friends are playing on the newer Xbox’s and I still have an Xbone one S. I tried to play on official with them but I froze 4 times and had to do a hard reset everytime to load the game back up. ( ive never had this with other games/ Ark/DayZ/ ec)

I figured i’d play on my PC since it’s play anywhere but apparently thats the pc version which is …odd. (Odd choice folks)

So then I figured maybe i’d just host my own dedicated server for us all to play on xbox and host it on my pc but that seems to not be a thing either?

Any advice would be great. Anyone else have issues playing this on a One S?

PS4 is a lag beast now. When I finally got a PS5, it was a completely different game…like getting that new pair of eye glasses and realizing how much you have missed out on before type of different.


There is no cross play, other than PS4/5 as a group and XBoXes all as a group.

Nor is there transferable accounts. If you purchase a DLC on your XBoX you will not have it on your PC. This has been noted as intentional.

Don’t think of this as one game on three platforms.
Think of it as three separate games on seperate platforms that happen to look the same on the outside… mostly.

Also, on previous generation consoles, it flies like a lead balloon by default. That’s probably not going to get significantly better over time as the game memory and processing requirements swell.

Yeah, but heres where it gets a bit confusing right. I can buy it on Xbox. Then load up Xbox companion on PC and start it, technically through xbox as thats the only version ive purchased. Yet it’s the pc version. That’s pretty strange for sure. I’m looking at my friends list and sending them invites and theyre sending me invites and we’re receiving them. We’re talking in the xbox party chat. I have an option to create a dedicated server that is through the Xbox companion.

It’s just an all around peculiar format. I’m an Ark player previously and use to play the xbox version on pc and host dedicated servers for xbox on my pc and it’s an odd decision to not have that same format i suppose.

Thansk for your feedback though. I thought it was something i was doing wrong.

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Nope, that is bizarre.
Gratitude for bringing it to clarification.

This one does wonder how, as the Microsoft properties grow closer together, that will interact with the Three Games system currently going on.

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