Frequent disconnects


Since 28 januari 2021 I’m experiencing frequent disconnects across several characters and zones.
This evening 2-2-2021 21:30 gmt I can connect to Old Athen but the server disconnects after a few minutes.

Please fix this.
I paid for my subscription service in advance.
If Funcom cannot deliver service I want my money back.
With regards,

It’s not just players, it’s playfields!
We’ve just crashed in S35 twice in a row, full reset of the pf but still with raid locks (we can still enter).
Last week it was Inf Missions crashing…

What’s going on here?

Not to mention all the lag that’s been going on for the last Month…!

Yes, the rubberbanding used to be when they backed up server twice a day at a set time for a short duration. Now ppl rubberband all day long. Think they moved servers to China…