Where is customer service?

Servers have been crashing repeatedly since 6pm EST yesterday. I understand this game is old and you have other projects but being a subscribed customer, the customer service is nonexistent and or not communicating. If you do not care about your product shut it down or take away all pay elements.


It doesn’t exist for this game. They would rather log in an ARK and do some dumb crap like a dance party in ICC, than actually do anything. Pi$$es me the F off…


Funcom Customer Support is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We apologize for not being able to address this issue sooner.

Ok, so something is occurring intentionally during after “support” hours, whatever it is will be allowed continue?

If the customer support is between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time this should of been addressed yesterday, the crashing started within that time and wasn’t “fixed” until today, there are been 9 hours to notice that the server is clearly not working properly and yet we have to wait yet again until it’s customer service hours.

Also this isn’t really a customer service problem like someone has been over charged or their account is locked, the entire playerbase of the game cannot play, it should be taken a lot more seriously even more so that there is suspected malicious intent behind these crashes.


Oh look, the issue isn’t fixed… -_- Funcom support at it’s finest.

The blatant disregard for your player base is astounding and disgusting. As someone that works in an IT industry myself, the “response” to this major outage has been terrible at best.

It might just be time to call it quits from the game for me. Maybe that’s what Funcom is after anyway “Maybe if we have a crappy enough product & service, we won’t have to kick the player base out when it’s time to bring these servers down…because they’ll already be gone!”


I cannot imagine a response being “you can play the game we take your money to play but only between our customer service hours, and thats if we bother fixing it”

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So the crashes get a pause during business hours than resumes when the last man clocks off. Is Funcom Customer Support saying viable game time is only during business hours which seems to be when the servers work … ish?

that was also the response since SWL, “only between our customer service hours”

Hi funcom, there has been zone crashing going on in AO for over 4 hours now

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ahh, so it’s not just me.
I can’t stay login long enough to ask in game.

I have not been able to stay ingame more than 12 minutes at a time.

No real reason to try schel

I could not find anything online about it.

Discord’s blowing up about it

nothing, I think they forgot this game

at least I was on long enough to do my daily, just need to stay on long enough to report back to agency

@AndyB this continued through the night and is still occurring

What will happen is the forum moderators will come on here and say some BS to the effect of “Forums are not a place for this, please open a support ticket”. Which is complete and utter BS as 1) support tickets shouldn’t be necessary for something like this & 2) I have had 3 “support tickets” open for 7 months and I STILL haven’t heard from anyone on any of them.

Oh, and tagging @AndyB doesn’t do anything, just FWIW.

Well then who can I tag? And I did open a support ticket.

Since this prevents the whole population from playing on rk5, it better be appropriate to expect help from the forum and discord posts.

The constant disconnection has been going on since yesterday.