Where is the customer service?

I bought crom coins on Friday that i never recieved and i have yet to hear back from anyone. I left 3 tickets, 2 forum posts, about 10 comments on the conan facebook page. NOTHING, NO REPLY FROM ANYONE. So the question here is where is the customer service?? You guys drop a update, with the foresight of knowing bugs may arise because its happened before, yet here we are. I have YET to speak to anyone even related to any customer service whatsoever.

I have seen Funcom people reply to the dumbest questions on here, yet i have not one but TWO posts about missing crom coins that i paid for and not one reply from anyone!

Can someone please help me or at least comment to try to gain their attention, i dunno. My only free time is the weekends and i bought those crom coins hoping i could work on some stuff but no, i have nothing, was able to make nothing i wanted to, and now i wont have anytime to play. THANKS Funcom. GREAT JOB.

You could take my money though, theres never a problem with that right? I bet if there was an issue where the app wasnt getting money from payments but giving out crom coins i bet theyd fix that in minutes, seconds maybe.



The forum moderators are not customer service. That would be zendesk, forum posts are not going to make a difference.

It is a weekend but I have never seen customer service not make that right. Please be patient.

Not like you can log in to spend it right now anyway :grin:

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I am currently logged in, wishing i could spend it right now. 3 days. Im waiting 3 days and no reply, which is why im here. According to what im reading everyone usually got theirs really quickly, so where is mine? Other people on my server, coins? Np. Me? both my crom points purchases have not shown up. Im missing two purchases of crom coins…and not one funcom zendesk whatever person has responded.

Il about to just call my bank to refute the charges, the customer service right now is non existant. I guess Funcom/Zendesk or whatever just dont have employees that work today or just dont care, im a go with both.

There’s this thing called ‘weekend’.
You submitted a ticket on friday.
Would you like a calculator?

It’s almost as if a new patch (causing numerous issues) just launched and the login servers are have trouble due to ddos attacks.

Both just might be causing some delay.


Just a heads-up: It is not impossible that reversing the charges can lead to problems with being allowed to purchase anything in the future. It’s SOP with a lot of companies to blacklist accounts that do that for future purchases (even if there was a good reason for the reversal). Hotels do it, games do it. Don’t know if that’s the case here, but do at least be aware that you could be making a long-term decision about what you can get in Conan. No judgment on whatever you decide, of course. It’s your money!

Why would the devs do customer service?

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What is your console?

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