Help with Crom coins

I’m on PlayStation and purchased some crom coins over 12 hours ago and still haven’t received them. I tried restarting everything and restoring my licences but still nothing. Anyone know anything?

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I would open the ticket on Funcom Help - Funcom and explain them the problem. I’m sure, they gonna help you on this one.


I tried but when I choose Conan exiles the page just crashes

Have you tried on this page?

No I just submitted a ticket on that page. I never would of found that I find navigating the funcom website a pain. Cheers bro!


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Any news? Did you receive your coins m8?

Yes it would be good if Funcom could update the link on the website to go straight to Zendesk rather than the other location that does nothing. Also the new in game help button would work better with a direct link to the Zendesk report page.

They are to busy counting money from bazar :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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