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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have had a ticket for almost TWO MONTHS. I have a banned account I need to solve the issue with support. Since when two months is an acceptable time for a reply? I understand their support department is working on all games but really is it that time consuming to at least reply an email ONCE? Get more people for god sake, the situation we are living right now can make you afford more people as people are coming back to the games on quarantine. Two months, dear God, this is really an abuse. This isn’t leaving the game on maintenance mode, this is just don’t really caring at all.

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funcom is complete and utter. Expect nothing (except censorship) and be pleasantly surprised

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I don’t know anymore. I know there are rules but it is impossible now to describe the frustation. I don’t even want my problem solved anymore, I just want them to answer at least ONCE. Is that too much to ask for? I hope one day I own a bussiness where people comes to handle me their money and give zero (ban worthy word included here) about them and treat them like (another one here).

So we are on June already and no answer. Got a reply that I got my ticked moved (where?) so it could be solved faster but I’m still waiting…

Wasnt able to resist xD


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As August 20 no reply. I’ll probably have to wait a year or something.

I had an answer after being banned for 6 months
(because they made a mistake in the payment…)
Strange that this thread isn’t closed by FC, my thread was open for something between 24 and 48 h …

I can not enter my payment account for about a month they still do not answer me or give a solution I am still waiting for the answer to the ticket