Silence from the Customer Service


I send an email to a Funcom Customer Service 7 days ago for a payment problem on Funcom side (most likely) and still haven’t got an answer: [Funcom #1103221]

What is the average waiting time for an answer? Should I open a new one?
Just give me a refund or the service that I already paid for…

Edit: Thanks for the answers. Ok then, I will wait. I will be angry, but waiting.

Edit2: It took more than a month, but the issue was eventually resolved.

Best Regards

I normally always had at max 24 hours reaction time but it seems to be going slow right now. So dunno.

Hi oldpandawan, I’m sorry to hear you haven’t heard back regarding an email support request, recently. We’re working to help everyone with pending email requests as quickly as we can. There’s no need to submit additional tickets in the meantime; it will only cause delays for other customers if we need to process multiple tickets regarding the same issue from the same person. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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