Where is customer service?

@Umborls it started again about 6 pm eastern

Still going on, sigh.

It would seem that once again the server is being subjected to constant zone resets.

Players are being kicked repeatedly. This has already transpired for over 16 hours before being addressed only to resume again hours later.

The playerbase deserves to know whether this issue is being instigated by exploits or server attacks or is simply an issue borne from server tech or bugs.

Nonetheless, the last series of crashes went unaddressed for nearly a whole day. ANY information would be appreciated, as your players already have gone through this today.



We would love some kind of communication from Funcom regarding the issue.

Thank you to all the GMs and ARKs who are left cause they have been amazing.

Hope to see you all in game soon!

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100% bullshit response to do nothing or claim they do not support their servers and customers after 5pm.

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There needs to be more communication between the Dev’s (Or whoever still runs the server for AO) and the Arks, they need to know what is going on so they can inform us, we have a “community manager” in the server that hasn’t posted once since joining, two lots of people who could be the middleman on info since there is obviously no longer any regular FC employees active on the discord.

We haven’t had updates to the game in years and the only thing the game still had going for it was a working server and now we don’t even have that.


I would love someone commenting on these major issues rised here, if we have been appointed a community manager id like to see some text at times like this from him.

Okay things are getting worse…

It really would alleviate a lot of dissatisfacion if we could just be told what’s going on, and what the estimated time is to get to a fix.

Please comment something, we are human beings arent we? I know you see this text mr forum guy, please help us , call to the headquarters and ask whats going on and reply here, just as a human to human , please i ask politely, help me, i want to play with my friends and wife, whats going on?

This is like some weird play or TV-series where we pay 18€/month and talk to empty forums/discords and no one says anything beyond a generic bot type response, i wont bash you or flame you i just want to know whats going on , and if these these problems be fixed/looked at.

I dont want to hurt or flame anyone, im just asking kindly for any kind of information or help, please help me, i need you Fun Com, whats goin on?

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The lack of communication is what currently sets Funcom apart, making them an indeed very bad customer experience to interact with. It’s only due to a hardcore playerbase, that less people aren’t leaving due to poor interactions such as this. Having a service (basically) unattainable for three days (on and off) is unacceptable, let alone whilst being kept in the dark.

More transparency would really go well with this.

Yes, most of us are not after blood, but rather to know how to plan oure work/life schedules if we want to play.

It adds so much to the frustration if you have taken a free day or managed to fix up some game time, only to not know how long problems will last, should i take another free day? Should i go to trip with family for all day instead of coming little earlier home so i can play a raid?

These are normal everyday things people have to dance around, please communicate little more, this would mean so much to us and would help us , please be oure friend funcom instead of enemy. Make a new change :slight_smile: Everyday is a good day for a positive change!

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Logged in this morning and two instant crashes the second I tried to move. I realize this game is old however its still one of the most interesting and fun games out there and its a shame to see paying customers and froobs a like have to deal with the constant zone reset / crashes. I think a quick server restart might fix it, there is no way it could be that difficult to do. Where is the customer support ??? I think that the community would rather see the servers go down for a few minutes to be restarted and patched than to deal with the pain that is zone resets and unplayability!


It is almost that time. The FC support hours is about to begin (05/11/2023). AO Players may … may have a few hours of gameplay without rampant server disconnects until they clock off.

What? Funcom HQ is in Oslo, hours is about to end for this day so few more left aprox and Friday, so in weekends they aint working… AND so gg for this game, 3 days, no answers, last patches ages ago, to get your petition answer takes months and still in queue. Im just happy that my 6 accounts had like 3-4 days of playtime b4 it going to be frozen, but sad for the community who got their accounts just payed b4 the crashes happened.

Funcom’s customer service hours are 8-5 eastern, based on the North Carolina office location. It’s been that for quite a few years now, plus GM Umborls said it yesterday

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And I thought it goes from Norway, thanks for reminding Kittiara <3

I will remember next time my director calls me and needs some programming done after hours… sorry boss, i take my direction from Funcom and their AO support, its 5pm, I know its a repeat issue, but idgaf if no one can use the service they pay for… tf…

Let me help you (Funcom) begin the trouble shooting steps you will need to resolve this issue…

Are your computers turned on?
Are you connected to the internet?

Unfortunately there are no specific details for forum mods to elaborate on or suggest at the moment. However I can confirm Funcom isn’t dancing.


You can call to Norway office, maybe u would get lucky to heard an answer “We’re into it sir, we trying to do our best”