FRESH SERVER: Try Me [5/14/2018]

Current Server Name: Try Me Try Me [x3.5 Kill Exp][NY, USA][Fresh 5/14]

A group of friends were wanting a larger experience! So, we just started a fresh PVP Conan Exiles server, today!
The settings are default and can be discussed to be changed as a community!
Current Changed Settings:
x2.2 Gather Rate
x3.5 Experience on Kills
PVP-Raiding Time Restriction to EST prime time hoours

Admin Steam: Blacklamps
Server Discord:

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Great server. No lag. My clan got tired of the 40 pop servers filling up and half of us couldn’t get on.

I’ve been having quite of a bit of fun here on this server. The higher limit definitely a bonus vs official. Great settings!!

Really enjoying the server. No lag. Fun community so far. Lots of old EQ players too.

Lots of fun so far. Great server. Really good for starting fresh or jumping back into the game after a break.

Bump. Few new faces yesterday. Keep me comin!

Community has agreed to take Avatars (Gods) out.

Population still strong. Lot’s of new players over the last week!

Had 38 pop last night. Awesome!!!

hit 40 over the weekend. Turning into a good server.

Plenty of spaces to still build in!