Friend can't me in my personal server

I invited my friend to join my personal server, but for some reason he can’t see me, I have invisibility turned off and only have God mode, and Nosprintcost.

This is quite annoying and I want to know if this can get fixed.

He can’t even see his own corpse, anyone knows why?

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Welcome to the Forum. What system are you playing on. By personal server do you mean coop @Greenchili

Yes indeed, I am on pc

If you are both in the same clan you should be able to see him on the map.

I play on ps4 and have 2 servers but pc is a different beast. Mods can cause issues you could put every thing back to vanilla settings. @CodeMage any suggestions? @Greenchili best I can do.

I’ve never tried co-op. Maybe @Narelle knows something?

Thanks :blush:

No experience with Co-Op but according to this one solution was for the host to recreate their character, another was related to a mod called Shani’s Stuff

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Dang, I am using Shani’s stuff and I don’t want to lose stuff I establish from recreating character, this is indeed tragic, and sadly can’t play together with my friend


Just turn off and on mods one at a time. Maybe don’t know how they work on pc. Good luck let us know how it turns out @Greenchili

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