Server Host Invisible to Co-Op Player

Game mode: Co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: US
Mods?: Occurs with or without mods.
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

When I host a co-op game via Steam, with Steam friends, I am able to see them but they are unable to see anyone else. All players are invisible to anyone that is not the host. I do not know when this issue might have started, but we did not have this issue in October or early November, before we took a 3-week break from the game and came back on December 4. We have removed all mods and reinstalled the game and the issue persists, regardless of who I invite.

I am not running any VPNs and they are able to connect just fine; they just cannot see anyone else.

Installed Mods:

Works with or without mods.

Steps to Reproduce:

I am not sure how to replicate this issue, but I can take screenshots of what I see versus what a friend sees, if that might help.

This issue is still occurring. Has anyone else had a problem like this? I saw one post on the forums from another user with this, but it garnered no replies.


Hey, thank you for the report. We’ve sent the information to our team and they’ll take a look. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Let us know if you find any other issues while playing. Thanks!

Can confirm this issue.
Playing in co-op server (steam) with my wife and a few weeks ago(mid-late november) my charecher became invisible to her.
From host’s side all looks fine to me, but from her side looks like my character doesn’t exist. When I riding a horse she didn’t see horse moving and when I unmount she see horse teleporting to place where I left it. But she can’t walk througt place where my character standing it blocks her and her hits got registered (can see blood effect).
We use some mods from workshop and played with them about 100 hours and it was fine. Verification game files and rollback latest added mods doesnt help.

Did you or OP ever resolve this issue? I just ran into this in a game with my girlfriend and would rather not have to start over, especially if it persists after reinstalling the game.

Edit: So I was able to resolve this by recreating my character in the server. I promoted gf to clan leader, left clan, recreated character. Everything was there how I left it and she could see me again. No idea what happened but I hope this helps someone.

Hi, I playing with Wife Co-Op mode too and we encountered same problem. We playing with some mods and Yesterday night before my logoff i saw her character - she hosting the game. And today we started as usual and she invited me via friend list and BAM i can’t see her character.
We fixed it just by loaded backup save from yesterday. All is working but everything from today is lost.
What i discovered is that save file from night have about 1,5MB and corrupted saves where i stopped to see her have 5,9MB but we didnt build much more for increase file size so much…

Edit: It happened again. We playing Siptah map. I was disconnected from co-op and then after reconnect same situation.
Edit2: Loaded another backup. We tried to disable Shani’s stuff mod and load one backup few minutes before disconnect and… Its working. Do you guys using/used this mod in co-op?