Friendly PvE Server With Arena - NPC Merchants - Loot Chests - 2x Harvest

Hello everyone, I’ve recently launched a new PvE server in hopes of forming a friendly community we can all enjoy. If you’ve wanted to be a part of a server in which you can influence, then I highly recommend you give this one a shot. We are open to change and suggestions and listen to everyone’s advice.


Arena - Fight monsters or players to earn rewards and rank

Random Loot Chests - Find loot chests hidden around the map and in dungeons

NPC Merchants - Buy goods from our merchants, or ask the admin to help setup your own !

Pippi Mod - Features a currency system and Kits you can purchase to make life easier

2x Harvest - We currently run 2x Harvest, however we are open to change or suggestions

You can find our server here

Or you can search the list for !New [8/19] PvE - Arena - Loot Chests - 2x Harvest

The server is based in Los Angeles, CA