Fruit & Blood! Boot up the blood!

Tired of Empty Servers? Always Solo? Pointless Rules, or Crabby Neighbours? Scared Your Owner Might Abandon? Maybe Just Bored?
Look No Further; I’ve Got Yall Covered… Welcome to One of the Most Populated Servers in Conan rn. The Perfect Enviornment to Learn; I Enjoy Being the Sherpa lol. Its Exciting Providing Entertainment, and a Real Community That Grows and Gets Along. We Dont Say No!
Listen, I Never Expected This to Gain So Much Traction, but I Must Be Doing Something Right eh? Do Yourself a Favour, n Boot up the Blood!

Fruit Blood +18 Boosted Official! Two Servers on Xbox; PvE Exiled Lands and Conflict Siptah. Friendly and Flexible, No Unnecessary Ruleset. Active Members and Attentive Admin! Simply search “fruit” in Server Browser and Check Us Out! More Info in the Discord!

Fruit Blood +18 Boosted Official! [Conan]

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