Funcom are trash

we got banned because some kids started crying saying we called hackers, so some speedhacking dudes came onto server started wipping server, our enemies that are like 14 yo trash talkers probably started crying to funcom cause we were about to raid them and we were clapping them, turns out we all got permabanned… for… having advantage over other players or hurting server etc… wtf a perma ban, all my hours put into the game for them to do this? there is no proof, nothing, and still we all got banned
funcom i would ask you to fix this but with all bugs and suff you have still not fixed i dought you will, you care more about dlcs and money then fixing what you have, pathetic

I’m sure you can first contact Funcom directly to contest your ban instead of whining publicly.



Funcom only take action when they have sufficient proof.

You can request ban information through zendesk .

You should also familiarize yourself with the official servers terms of conduct, so you don’t get banned again.

Good Luck!

Im gonna ignore the first reply, moving on to the second, if that was the case we wouldnt be banned, hackers would be banned everyday which they are not and things would go smoohtly, we were banned for no reason and with no proof, because there is no proof. Funcom doesnt do nothing, they only care about the money they can get, they dont care that theres hackers that go on servers, wipe them and leave, they dont care about the bugs and glitches, fix youre game instead of making new content, you can barely play official with all hackers and undermesh etc

I know the tos, its funcom that doesnt, my mate built in a pillar near gutter, got his base wipped but no one was banned… Ok, some other friend got perma banned for land claim , first time offense may i add.
A guy that just joined our clan to join in the fight with spanish iberos crying kids , as got a permaban for nothing, so please please do no tell me about tos because ive been playing since the game released and this is how they treat us, hackers roam free and legit players get banned for anything

Dont you think i have? Do you think they care?