Funcom fixes the problem?

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Region: [EU]

Amazing update Funcom. NO OFFICIAL EU PVE-C servers are listed, My OFFICIAL PVP server is not there either. Are we ment to start again?

This is getting stupid now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Turn on ps4
  2. Have a look
  3. See for yourself
  4. Leave unhappy

All the EU official pve c servers are not showing… Pvp servers are few now and the one I was on isn’t there… But still loads of pve servers… None of which I was playing on… So hope I don’t loose my character and stuff because of this… Dont understand where the servers have gone???

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Its patchday… My best advice: Never play on patchday.

Servers will for sure come back online. But will need some time…

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Well the EU have none on PvE-c America has lost half there servers, PVP servers also gone. It’s just a joke. When you get a patch or update on any other game I own I can still rock on and play, GTA5 is a perfect example, patch day is still play day whether it has a bug or not, you don’t just not get to play.

This is day one of new patch, then the ball rolls down the hill.

Fed up now.

Yeah, but Rockstar has more money and they have their OWN servers.

Console servers are hosted at GPortal…

Well maybe if they stop making DLC packs and use that time fixing the game they would get more players and a bigger fan base, then there reputation would get better and maybe there company could grow.

No-one wants to see it end like TeleTale Games.

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Hello @RogueBudda, thank you for sharing your concerns with us.

Please rest assured that we’re working together with G-Portal to ensure that all servers will be up and patched as soon as possible.

Fingers crossed

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