FUNCOM Please fix the rapid despawn of bags and loot

This happened some updates ago, and after my purge of Cim Berserkers I lost valuable legendarys and boxed dalinsias that way.

Lootbags despawn after 10 seconds now, this must be a bug…

It would be nice if the loot you drop on purpose to the ground to trash or trade with another player went in 5 minutes. If a thrall dies or the like and a bag forms it should last for hours or (like things used to) days or until someone looks into the bag and then it would have minutes to hours to despawn the bag.

I have seen bags on the ground disappear in 10 seconds, it’s too fast. Heck I’m still seeing dead thralls or skeletons disappear immediately. They’re still there somewhere (needs to still be fixed on console Xbox 1).

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