Funcom to have 4 speakers on Game Dev Camp 2019! Schedule now available!

Note: This event has passed. Scroll this thread to know more :slight_smile:

Game Dev Camp 2019 will take place October 25 and 26 in Lisbon, Portugal. Funcom and ZPX will be the main, official sponsors for this event.

Funcom currently has 4 announced speakers. They will all present on October 25:

Keynote (Opening, 9:15 AM):

  • Rui Casais, CEO

Open World Environment Art And Transitioning To Procedural Systems (11:15 AM):

Making Gamecode In Unreal Fast (4:25 PM):

At least two are working on the new Dune IP game (Rui not included).

Furthermore, the Nordic Game Discovery Contest also takes place here.

Full schedule: click here! - More information: click me!

See also: ZPX, games in the pipeline on the Official Conan Exiles Wiki, Funcom Dune games Wiki

I do not know if there will be a livestream or video/clips afterwards.


Updated the thread with schedule information :slight_smile:

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It is so far: It’s Game Dev Camp 2019! This is a reminder for all who’d like to know!

I’ll be sharing tweets from the event here :camera_flash:

Marco Vale opened [by] stating that the purpose of the event was to unite the community of video game producers, noting that everyone has challenges and problems in their projects. “Knowledge sharing among those involved is what drives this producer community,” says Marco Vale. (1)

@Funcom introducing the project for the #DUNE video game and the pre-production process of a gigantic open world at #GameDevCamp

For more information about the upcoming Dune games, see

Unfortunately no footage from the third Funcom talk.

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Day 2! (No Funcom):

Today, in the evening, I will be at Lispólis, #GameDevCamp. I’ll be talking to Guilherme Santos from Funcom ZPX, Jeferson Valadares from Doppio and Pavle Mihajlovic from Flavourworks. They will share experiences and talk about the video game industry. Show up!


That wraps it up for this year’s Game Dev Camp in Portugal!

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For anyone who did attend, I hope you had a great time :smiley:

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