Funcom has a booth! Gaming Istanbul 2020 edition (January 30 - February 2)

This post is for anyone interested :smile:

Funcom’s @Tascha and Eirik will be attending Gaming Istanbul 2020 starting tomorrow.

You can find the booth in the B2C Exhibitors visitor area. Conan Exiles will be playable and will have a streamer tournament. Get to know all there is to know about the game and stay for a chat :wink:

Gaming Istanbul (GIST) will feature exhibitors such as Google, Logitech, Dell (Alienware) and TaleWorlds (Mount and Blade). Speakers will be from among others Unreal Engine (Joseph Azzam, Technical Evangelist) and Microsoft (Xbox Developer Account Manager)
It is a partner of other well known developers conferences such as those by Google, Unreal Engine and Devcom, and is sponsored by Monster Energy, Msi and others.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…


Conan Exiles will be available in :tr: Turkish in the near future :soon:

Edit: During the streamer tournament of February 1, Tascha mentioned that it’ll be added “very very soon”.

During the PvP rumble, fun was had, shirts were given away and there’s one whole day of GIST to go.

If you were not there and want to see some actual footage, watch the replay here:

Note: unfortunately the audio quality isn’t the best. There is no english commentary or subtitles.

Metmellow, pintip career and boslukcpl played Conan Exiles in Gaming Istanbul, an open world survival game that will speak Turkish very soon!

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