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Hello Conians!

The Funcom website tells us that there’ll be a community event in Cologne. Germany, at 25th of August. Anybody here planning to attend?

Here’s the link:

If so, plan your journey early, i. e. book a room while you still can. Prices are high already and will rise from sky-high to demon-from-the-outer-void-high.

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Thanks for bringing it up @Khaletohep. I guess next year :pensive:.

Unfortunately, this one cannot make liesure trips to Europe on such short notice.
Curse you failing economy of the sad 21st century!

Besides, if this one was to visit Europe, this one would have to round up at least two other person’s on this forum for a visit before going to a convention.

Regardless, gratitude for sharing this find.


Please people, let’s not flag posts without a good reason. JohnnyWykler made a valid suggestion, it was on topic, and all around perfectly fine to post this here.


Why my post was hidden ?
What did I say that community can’t read ?

I assume somebody didn’t like that you critized the recent update, e. g. the stamina changes. I think it’s perfectly fine to mention that here, and of course people would talk about that in a community meeting.


If only one could hit them in the head with a truncheon or something and put them in some kind of wheel-like-device to make them behave properly.

If the post is specifically about discussing an upcoming event in which Funcom will be attending in Germany this coming August, and their response was to complain about stamina changes and not discus the topic at hand (ie. the even this August) then technically they were off topic. However, since their post is hidden and we can no longer even view flagged posts (something I do not agree with) then I honestly do not know IF their post was actually off topic or not. This is just purely based on your response.

That being said, I would not have flagged it. :woman_shrugging:


The poster asked if an experienced community member will be present at the event to discuss the recent update with Funcom at the event - in a civil manner. That is a valid suggestion and not off-topic.


@Khaletohep where you live?
Will you be able to go?

It would be a bit tight, but possible for me to come, yes. Would have to hop onto a train after work, rush to Cologne, return over night. Still undecided.


Thank you for clarifying their question. In that case I would agree it was on topic and most certainly should not have been flagged.

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I live in a Greek island. In summer time we have daily charter flights to Germany and straight back to Rhodes. I even have family in Germany that could guide me where to travel and what trains i should use. But a couple weeks i lost my wifes father and we are mourning. No matter how old you are, you’re never ready to loose a parent. I would like to come, really, not just to meet the @Community members in person and congratulate them, but my fellow exiles too. I am 47 walking to 48 parent of 2 and i kinda forget my self through the years. My last trip"for me" was on Lisbon 2004 for the European finals. Yes i use to be a great fun of soccer too. After the global crisis announcement on 2009 hobbies disappeared instantly from my life. For 6 straight months i was sleeping for 2 hours per day only and my beard went white in these months. Hopefully we made it, not as good as others but we made it. So hobbies started entering in our lifes again. For Angelika was always reading and for me, soccer, boat fishing and gaming of course. Now i have only gaming and of course this forum. So i believe that i deserve this trip, but the timing is bad.
Next year i guess, let’s hope at least you never know what’s coming.
If you can, go @Khaletohep, do it for you my friend, i am pretty certain it worth it!

Man, tough times. Glad you pulled through so far. Hope that forest fire doesn’t affect you. Last years, it’s catastrophe after catastrophe. I’d say it’ll get better again, but after the last… uhm… two decades, might be better to wish good nerves instead. Humanity is reall working hard on creating that post-apocalyptic vibe that has become so popular since Mad Max.

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Evil lies. The calculation not yet done! It’s a lvl 5 fire destroying everything on the way.

Oh damn. :cry:

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These are just the attitude the usually come before the failure …

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