G-Keys on the Logitech G105

As mentioned in the title, I have a G105 gaming keyboard, with 6 programmable keys. But despite having updated software and drivers for the keyboard (even tested the original drivers and software), none of the programmed keys work in Conan Exiles. If I bring up some other app or game, they work fine. It’s this way in both solo play and on a server. I DO NOT have Battle Eye installed, so that shouldn’t be the problem.
Has there been something placed in the game that is preventing it from even recognizing that these keys even exist?

I have the same keyboard, and mine work. With mine, I just tied them to the F5 thru F10 keys on my set up, then bound those F keys to actions in settings>keybinds and the G keys work in game. I didnt bind them to F1 thru 4 because I have those as hotbar presets. If your trying to just bind a G key alone, I dont think it will work.

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