Game crashed when i start a purge


can someone help me with the Purge problem?
After i start a purge, the game crashed and nothing happend (happend on my own online server from gportal).

thanks :slight_smile:

Are you using mods and if so, could you share your list? The most common reason what you describe happens is an out of date map mod that doesnt have the navmesh resaved. The navmesh is how pathfinding for npcs is generated and with the release of ch 2, any custom map or EL map mods needed to resave this to avoid crashes at purge spawn. If you are playing single player, I know what you describe can also happen but I personally dont know why; it happened to a friend this week using mods that work fine on a server but for some reason the purge still crashes his single player game. It doesnt happen in my own single player which leads me to believe its hardware specific in that case.

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