Game crashes in the middle of the game

I went through full story line with one crash of the game. But now I’m working on the 100%. The freuquency of crashes has rapidly increased since I am playing the Archdevil difficulty (last two runs ended both with crash). I’m not sure what causes it to crash. The game usually crashes in the middle of the fight (room with waves of enemies) no matter what map I play. It also happened to me once outside of the room on the start of Yhelm right before killing the first two Eyelesses.

Since I am new user here, I can not upload attachments here but I can provide last 4 crash reports.

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Greetings from Hell! And welcome to our forum.

Thank you for your report. We updated your forum rank to allow you to send files and links.

Can you also share the platform and from which store you acquired the game?

We await your reply.

Hello. Thank you for your reply.
I play on PC, on Steam. (edit: Win10)

As for files, I can not share dmp or archive files directly. Thus, I renamed the files so they have .txt suffix. Shared both, individual crashes and full .zip archive renamed to txt. I hope it works for you.

Player.log (134.3 KB)
crash.dmp.txt (358.5 KB)

Player.log (108.1 KB)
crash.dmp.txt (358.9 KB)

Player.log (33.3 KB)
crash.dmp.txt (357.8 KB)

Player.log (73.7 KB)
crash.dmp.txt (348.1 KB) (155.6 KB)


Thank you for the logs. We shared the information with our team for more investigation.

We appreciate your patience while we review your case.

Thank you.

If I can give you feedback… This forum is very uncomfortable way to report bugs. You have to go to official website to join discord to find this forum to register to finally report your problem. Not even mentioning you can not directly share crash files here.
I just love this game so much I want you to make it perfect so I am here. However, I am worried many players experiencing some problems won’t bother going through such a complex process to report a bug.

Just my opinion…
Have a nice day.

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We appreciate your feedback regarding the bug-reporting process and will refer it back to our team.

Have a great day! :metal: :smiley:

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