Game crashes every time on startup

Game version: Latest version
Type of issue: Crash
Mods: [ Are mods installed: No ]

Bug Description:

The game crashes each time I try to open it.


I opened the game and it started loading. I could hear the background music and noises. It gives me the warning and the unity screen. Shortly after it fades away a window with the game logo pops us and a loading bar, then the game closes.

Steps to Reproduce:

Step 1 Open game
Step 2 Let it load
Step 3 Game crashes

Greetings from Hell! And welcome to our forum.

Thank you for your report. Can you please share some files we us, so we can better understand what might be the issue?

Please share the logs and saved game you can find by following:


Feel free to reach out to us in private via direct message to @Community

Hello, I followed the directions given and found the crash logs, but can’t upload them on here, as it won’t let me. One is titled crash.dmp and can’t be uploaded due to it not being authorized and the other is titled Player and I can’t attach it due to being a new user, as I just got the game not long ago and made an account the same day.

Apologies for that. I just updated your account permissions so you should be able to share the logs with us now.

Player.log (60.3 KB)
Player-prev.log (60.3 KB)
It’s alright. Here are the logs, hope these are the right ones.