Game crashes on level load

I had to reset my laptop a while back due to some issues I’d been having. The game ran 100% and was good to go before, but after doing a reset I am unable to play the game.

I’ve tried every suggestion thread I can find from websites and youtube, and I’ve also uninstalled/reinstalled the game in an effort to get everything to work.

The game will boot up just fine without issue, but fussing with certain graphic settings causes a crash to desktop. Likewise, whenever I go to load into a level, it crashes to desktop. The game was purchased through Steam for my PC. I’m hopeful there might be insight to this that can be followed or a remedy be applied, as I’d rather not have to repurchase the game on another system or wait until I have an actual desktop to play it again.



Thank you for getting back to us. Can you please share your log files with us?

You can find it by following:


Feel free to reach out in private via direct message if you prefer.

Thank you in advance.

Hello there,

For whatever reason, I do not appear to have a TheOutsiders directory in my LocalLow directory. I am not sure why this may be, as I’ve used Steam’s ‘Verify Integrity of Files’ option quite a few times, and it’s pinged no issues. The only things within my LocalLow are the Microsoft folder, and one generated by Hopoo Games for my Risk Of Rain 2 files.

Forgive me, it’d been a long day. I forgot to unhide items to see things. I can locate these files now, but I am being informed as I am a new user I cannot upload attachments.


Thank you for letting us know. We have now updated your forum rank to allow you to send files and links.

We await your reply.

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