Game crashes playing online Xbox one HELP

I’ve been playing exiles on the xbox one single player no problem since launch, I’m hooked, but when i try to play online the game crashes as soon as i collect fiber. Ive tried to join official servers only. Please help, much appreciated.

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Same Here. I have uninstalled including all saved file and reinstalled and still crash after successful official server launch about 5-10 secs into game and crash. Single play runs fine.


I too have this issue. I can play single player or co-op and everything is fine, but as soon as I try to join an official server I crash 3-10 seconds later. I have uninstalled twice, I’ve clear my alt mac, I’ve reset internet, basically done everything I can think of. I just wanna play with my tribe.

Same I’ve done everything on my end that I can think of and still same issue happening. Can’t play on official servers at all.

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