Game Crashing. Help?

I cannot play the game for more than 10 - 20 minutes without it crashing. it tells me to verify the
game files but i have done it over 5 times now and it still crashes
edit: i had to uninstall and reinstall the game and verify the files 1 more time. now it works

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do you have this problem only in conan?

Edit : I have been told that overclocking can also cause problems in some games

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yes. Conan has been the only game with issues. i have restarted my computer but nothing works. i noticed it started crashing after the 3.0.4 patch update

sorry. everything works fine for me. I hope you get some help

I run 1 mod - Devious Desires as recommended by Firespark - if I play solo the game plays ok for an hour or so then I get the revalidate files issue - on the official servers it generally runs ok. Can we please fix the mods file issue pls Funcom - you support mods but this error every hour or shorter is beyond frustrating. I’m over playing on the Official servers - kills the survival game immersion as you come across player cities everywhere - local seems to offer me what I’m after but it’s almost unplayable

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