Game crashing on one server and system doesn't recover in normal means

Game mode: [ Select one: (Online official)]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Crash ]
Server type: [ Select one: PvP ]
Region: [ America
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description:

Server 3785 errored out at initial loading.
Had to force restart since system got stuck after acknowledging post error message. Left to let system repair the hard drive due to forced restart. Came back. Loaded 3547 and popped in. Left after a few seconds and loaded 3785. Same issue again. Significant external hard drive activity (noise) while system stuck. Attempting Siptah server next and if passable, moving back to 3785 to see if issue is specific to that server. Right now waiting for hard drive repairs again since I had to forced restart…again

Steps to Reproduce:

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Ok 8056 loaded fine and now I’m in 3785. Sorry about the fuse but figured report after two attempts was warranted. Close at your leisure but it wanted it documented in case others have same issue on west coast servers for exiled lands.

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It just happened again.

Just happened again. Other servers working fine. 3875 keeps erroring out on the second load screen.

It’s been unstable. I get a varied amount of play time but no more than 30 minutes at a time for the server. Hoped that server restart 2ould help…nope immediately booted me when I got in. 2nd attempt is still running but there is something going on.

Yeah went to 3547 and hung out…no issues. Went back to3785 and got booted after 10 minutes. I’m the only one in the server right now. Can I get someone from @Community to acknowledge this one and take it to whoever needs to see it? I don’t believe it’s a developer thing but a server thing.

You need to report server issues through zendesk.

Good Luck!

Thanks…I keep forgetting what goes where as far as reporting goes.

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