Game finally works... Kinda

After getting the update my game works. But, i had to start completely new. I mostly play solo and had to delet my entire fortress that i had been building on for months. So that really sucked. But at least it works now just gotta start over. Really though this situation has basically made me decide to not put any more into it. I was excited for Siptah but i dont know anymore. When i watch the dev streams they always seem to have decent direction but they lay out years of development and act like the base game code is working. My advice core mechanics like hunger and thirst and temperature armor changes are really good and cool ideas, but… When new add ons break the game maybe you should work on that instead. Sorry for the novel, i just wanted my game to work and i guess this is as good as it gets for conan on xbox.


Hi @DisabledMonkT17, there are ongoing efforts to optimize the game specifically for the consoles, both from the client and the server side. We apologize for the current situation and understand it can be frustrating to deal with, but we do hope that you consider giving the game another shot by the time the expansion comes out!

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