Is this the final version for xbox?

So im waiting to see. Trying to have open mind. I cant help but ask is this as good as it will get? My xbox single player (which ive explained is the only way i play) although the crashing is way down which is the one positive after all this, STILL is not fun or enjoyable to play. Every interaction with benches, chests, or npc inventories has a 2-5 second delay. Firing a charged arrow is still delayed and laggy. Certain area renduring points on a the map can take upward of 45seconds to load in so im staring at the white abyss for that long. Jungle, and great north building still crashes i have not tried building in snow or volcano. And not to mention invisible npc camps, thrall buggs etc. I need to know… Funcom is this as good as my xbox performance is going to get ???because if so, i do not want to waste any more time or money into your game. And will have to regretfully uninstall and never play again.

No, Conan isn’t done being updated. No, the game isn’t dead.

Which xbox model are you running? Do you have a base in a single location or several spread across the map? Lots of combat thralls and / or standing torches? Lots of placeables? Mountains of different materials stored in chests? All of these can place strain on older xbox models in Singleplayer mode.

I didnt say the game was dead. Im saying ive waited for this 2.3 nd 2.4 which had a bunch of performance fixes, and to give credit it is better. However, the lag on bench,inventory,map etc. interaction still has heavy lag. Jungle and north still crash when building. And lucid i understand the strain in game have kept up on funcoms explanations and what taxes the performance. So am asking funcom is this the best they can do performance wise for my single player game? Cause single player is not good and id argue worse than online which is confusing to me…

I hate to say it, but it might not be the game that is malfunctioning. If your console is struggling to keep up with the game in a more exaggerated manner when you are offline, I would tend to think it was a client side issue. Of course, it’s much more difficult to troubleshoot software and hardware issues with a console… but they are far more unusual as well.

How long have you had your system, what’s your ventilation around the console like, have you noticed the console getting very hot when you play higher-end games on it?

XBox has always had a more pronounced signs of failure than other consoles because it’s built more like a computer. It has high end specs, but when it reaches the end of the rope, it starts to stumble on certain games.

Of course if the game files were corrupted somehow, it might be a good go to reinstall the game.

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