Game Freezing - Gamepass Edition

Game mode: [ Single-player]
Type of issue: [Crash]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Australia]
Mods?: [No]
Edition: [Microsoft Store - Game Pass]

Bug Description:

Game is freezing at random intervals, as noted by many other players. Seems to only be while moving, and more likely in some areas than others (currently being experienced in the oasis of nekhet). Freezes happen within 2-3 minutes most often, but sometimes upto 20 minutes of play has been achieved before freeze. However, it will freeze without fail at some point.

Expected Behavior:

Game to not freeze regularly, and

Installed Mods:

None installed, however at one time i did “enable” mods through the game pass store

Steps to Reproduce:

Play the game, and walk around (currently at Oasis of Nekhet)

note if this occurs near corrals (animal pens)

I have not built any animal pens yet, so unless there are some wild ones in the map

Additionally, I should add that I have tried the quick fixes suggested in the pinned thread, adding the code (both sets suggested) to the Engine.ini has made the time playable before freezing longer, but has not eliminated the issue.

The one remaining solution I have not tried is an entire uninstall and re-install, as I am worried that I will lose my progress. I have tried looking for an answer as to whether that will be reset, but could not find anything.

We’re working to have a patch out for the GamePass PC version as quickly as possible. This should alleviate the issue.

So I uninstalled and re-installed the game through the xbox game pass, (hoping that it would not delete my single player save) and actually had a little bit of luck afterwards. Played for about 40 minutes with no freezing, and my save was still there!

However, at around that 40 minute mark it did freeze again, and since that moment i am now no longer able to even start the game properly. It freezes in the menu screen at “Connecting to Funcom Live Services” and has to be reset through task manager.

On a rare occasion it actually progresses past this point, but then trying to start a single, or even online game results in the freeze.

After force closing the program, the windows “gaming UI” pops up and gives an option for choosing the cloud save, or the local save, but regardless of option chosen no change to login happens.

Its quite a shame, as i was really enjoying this game, but it is now totally unplayable.

So, after reading one persons post (somewhere, ive forgotten where) it suggested that disabling the regional DLC fixed their game!

I tried this, and sadly, it did not fix it for me. I did however notice some repair and reset options for the main game (using the apps and features function of windows)

I did both of these post disabling the regional content DLC and now my game works!

I can both log in to the main menu (Funcom Live Services) and play my save game (not deleted by the reset) and played for well over an hour with no freezes!!!

A miracle perhaps?