Game freezes when you move, stops when still

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The game loads and runs fine as I create my character, but as soon as I try to walk or jump, the screen freezes. I do still move the distance, I just don’t see it happen. I can’t move at all or this happens. But as soon as I’m still, it’s running fine again. The graphics settings don’t seem to matter. This happened on single player and a public official server.

I expected to be able to walk like a human.

  1. Start a character
  2. Load into game
  3. Attempt to move at all
  4. Screen freezes.

i have the exact same problem.

I’ve managed to get it to work with a controller, but i hate playing like that. so still looking for some fix
i think the problem comes from the version uploaded to xboxgamepass or something related to the .ini files or…something

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even though game seems to recognice keyboard and mouse, freezees when hitting any key, or button on the mouse. even in the main menu, before even loading the game. just pressing any key will freeze for a second, and then go back to normal.

maybe something to do with beign a xbox game and not a pc game? the version uploaded to gamepass is a xbox version of the game?

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I think it has something to do with the anti-cheat, battle eye. I was watching the task manager and every time I tried to move the game’s CPU utilization would go from ~15% to 0, and battle eye would go up to ~7%. Then when the game unfroze battle eye went back down to 0 and the game shot back up.

It’s like battle eye has to check your keystrokes to make sure you aren’t cheating, and then tells the game “go ahead and let him take a 5 ft step forward”.


Follow up: got a controller, it works fine. So it seems to be the keyboard/mouse that is the problem.

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well…i guess i’ll wait for something official, or download the whole thing again. seems a stupid error to me.

hope to find a solution.

Are you using Razer mouse or keyboard? If so, just simply close the driver application that running in the background. It happened to me a week ago, I think it’s input compatible problem.


i’ve uninstalled the game just in a desperate attempt to try something. will try this out and reply in a couple of hours… thanks!

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I suppose this is worth asking: Are you running the version from Steam or the one released recently on the Windows store/Gamepass?

I wonder if it’s related to this:

I am also very curious if the suggestion about the Razer app works.

I have a Razer keyboard and this actually fixed the issue for me. I closed everything Razer related, issue gone.
FYI, Im playing through Gamepass on PC.

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