Game freezes for a few seconds when I cilck any key or mouse buttom

**Game mode: Co-op
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type: PvE
**Region: -
**Mods: No
**Edition: Microsoft Store - Game Pass

Bug Description:

Basically, since when I open the game and play it solo or co-op, every time I click a key the game freezes for a few seconds and then comes back

Expected Behavior:

The game shouldn’t freeze when a click any key

Steps to Reproduce:

I just start the game from the gamepass and even on the menu it happens

If you are using Razer peripherals and have their applications running, try closing or disabling them and try again.

We also highly recommend using the Search function to see if your question has been asked before.

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Hey, thank you so much, This problem was almost making me give up about playing the game, ty again, this realy solved my problem

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