FPS drops to 0 when moving UNPLAYABLE

Game mode: Single-player, Co-op and online
Type of issue: Performance, Bug
Server type: No Server
Region: EU
Mods: No
Edition: Game Pass

Bug Description:

So basically i bought the xbox game pass on pc 2 days ago so i can play Conan Exiles with my brother… his game is just fine… but mine when i log on to the world and start walking every 1 second the fps drops to 0 for 2 to 5 seconds… when i am still and not moving… and just looking around it is like 60+ fps… when im moving it seems to have a problem… and i dont know why… i put the graphics on low… nothing… i put them on laptop mode… still nothing… i made a new game 3 times… nothing… i restarted my pc… nothing… i reinstalled the game… again nothing… meaning that the game is unplayable for me

Note 1: I have an i7-10700K, 32GB RAM 3200Mhz and an RX 590 8GB Nitro+ no OverClocks… i see no reason for FPS drops like this im getting…

Note 2: My brothers laptop has i5-10300H, 16GB RAM 3200Mhz and an RTX 3060… he has no problem playing

Note 3: I recorded a video of it… but i see i cant upload videos so if you need it to see for yourselves let me know…

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Started game
  2. Press singleplayer
  3. Make a character
  4. Join in the world
  5. Standing still and looking around
  6. Walked forward

you can upload vid to Youtube and post link here or send me in PM and ill post it for you

it says im not allowed to post links… but i uploaded the video on youtube… i have the link

you’ll be able to post links once you’ve become more " engaged " in the forum , as shown here Basic badge on Funcom Forums so try to read a few other threads ( that the tittle inspire you to read :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: )

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Theres the video FPS drops to 0 when moving UNPLAYABLE Video - YouTube

It looks like some weird gamepass issue. I cant say that it related to loading because this freezes you have even when jumping is strange.
Must someone of Funcom staff see that and try to reproduce
@Dana @AndyB @Pliskin or someone else

My brother downloaded the game from Xbox GamePass too the same day i did and he didnt have any issues… I dont understand why my game has the issues… as i deleted the game and reinstalled it… could it be hardware related?

do you expect any of this issue in any other games?
Also you can try to enable only 4 cores of your cpu and run game again.
Like, run the game, open task manger, find connasadbox exe, right click and open Set affinity on it, then enable core 0,2,4,6 all other left unchecked. Then compare results with all cores active.
This may help, also which OS do you have? Win 10 or 11? it has last updates?

I dont have this issue in other games… i also changed the cores as you said but nothing changed… and i have Win 11 intalled with all latest update… but my brother has windows 10… could that be the issue?

I just did that too but nothing changed

maybe its win11, it still has bugs, like 10 when it was released. If nothing else helps maybe something blocking game files from loading well. It happens when Windows dont have full acess to game folder. You may check game folder, right klick on it and hit Properties, then Security and see, if all users and programs has full acess to it? They must have all points enabled like “full acess, reading, writing” and etc.

If this ok then only solution is to install win10…

Only the SYSTEM and TRUNSTEDINSTALLER has full access, all of them checked… other users (LOCAL/NETWORK SERVICE, ADMINISTRATORS, RESTRICTED, USERS) have only 3… “Read and execute”, “List folder contents”, “Read”…

Also about going back to win 10… i think because i have win 11 for a month or so now… my key has changed to win 11 so… will i be able to go back to win 10 with the same key? Also do i need to format my pc or is there a way to go back without format?

win 11 has option to revert it to 10, i didnt use it by myself cause i dont use 11, but ive heard about it. There must be guide how to do it somewhere

yeah i can do that for 10 days after upgrading to windows 10… after 10 days the option is not availiable

then there are nothing more to help you with.

I went back to windows 10 and still got the same problem

it seems to be lagging when i press keys on the keyboard… it doesnt matter if im moving or not… even if im pressing the CAPS LOCK key it freezes

it seems to be working fine with an xbox controler

I fixed it… it was all about razer… i ended every task from razer in the task manager and now its working fine… found the solution here

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