Game keeps crashing nonstop

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the game has been continusly crashing more and more even during loadup screen or when using admin mode. this doesnt happen to just to me but to multiple players teamed with online and offline

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey @cammykat

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
Please make sure to send every crash report through the PS dashboard once prompted so our team can get a hold of it.
We’re also including some crash fixes in our next patch, as well as a fix for those crashing in loading screens and some PS4-oriented crash fixes as well. Patch will be released next week and we hope your issue is covered by those fixes. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to let us know if this issue persists after the patch.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi @Ignasis,

I love that answer :slight_smile:

I can’t wait.

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anyone know if the update will fix the crashes. a friend told me that its the coding and that it wont be fixed and since ive been mega creating that the game is pretty much useless to play with

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