Game Launcher Crashes

So yesterday several hours after a windows update I launched the game and an error screen popped up. I shared this with the guild and they all confirmed the same error. If you click “attempt to continue” it runs.

Funcom will need a hot fix @AndyB

Yeah, same for me since today.

same here …

+++++++++++++Yess - the same

It’s only the launcher crashing…seems to be the bottom banner isn’t reaching correctly to whatever server it’s connecting to.

Its a launcher problem when he try to get the resourcelists from http. You can click Attempt to Continue and the game will start.

Yea it is that. Harmless error really but scary pop-up!

its a 14th anniversary feature to make sure there’s no one about for a 15th because ya know we might expect something special like a care factor higher than zero from FC may be

same here, please fix it

Just turn the patcher off lol. It’s not like this game will see another update :joy: