Game of Thralls ~ Returning to The Exiled Lands Map from 20 November 2020

Game of Thralls ~ Returning to The Exiled Lands Map from 20 November 2020

∘ C o n f l i c t ∘ I m m e r s i o n ∘ L o r e ∘

Driven by the Players

We firmly believe in the quality and capability of our role-players in driving the role-play and creating epic stories rather than fixing admin-driven server wide narratives or employing game-masters. Intrigue, politics, warfare, diplomacy, and trade are for you to create and experience.

Focus on Conflict and Immersion

The Hyborian Age of Conan is harsh and fraught with peril, it is a world full of misfits, murderers and maniacs. What is seen as brutal savagery by one culture is simply a normal way of life for another. The well-played antagonistic character can form an integral part in driving the server story, bending, breaking and subduing others to their will while pursuing dreams of power, wealth and control. Yet while some of our members may play the most depraved and vile villains in-game, they remain friendly and courteous out-of-character. We welcome all sorts of characters into the fray - there is as much room for the bard, the farmer and the tavern-goer as there is for the ruthless sorcerer, the bad-■■■ barbarian or the vengeful villain who might seek to burn down that tavern. Our players are expected to have the maturity to handle the dark and adult themes of role play in the Conan universe, playing fictional characters that must manage real loss and consequences, making character choices where those consequences may mean death. We cover the most essential situations with rules but trust our community to make mature decisions.

Focus on Lore

Our Lore is based on the works of Robert E. Howard, enriched by the expanded lore of the 2004 Conan RPG by Mongoose Publishing Ltd. All the materials and books are available in our discord. We offer limited supernatural race options and a lore abiding sorcery system for our experienced players but it should be remembered that the worst monsters are often in human minds!

Dedicated Server

Game of Thralls is a whitelisted private server for Conan Exiles based in the EU. We run our own unique scripts and optimizations with swift restart times and good admin coverage across all time zones. We use an application process to ensure the quality we seek in our role-players.

Server Information:

Name of Server: Game of Thralls
Map: The Exiled Lands
Age Restriction: 18+
Max. Capacity: 70
Location of Server: UK (EU)
Other Server Settings:
XP Rate 1.5 (lvl 60 kits, leveling for followers)
Gather Rate 2x
Day/Night Ratio 3:30 day, 45 min each Dawn/dusk, 1 hour night
Text RP only
Drop on Death Enabled (with ADHS)
Purge OFF
Decay OFF (Buildings turn to “No Owner” after a certain time of inactivity)
Avatars OFF
Containers Ignore Ownership ON
PVP Enabled

Mod List:
Exiles Extreme (limited Items)
Thrall Wars (limited Items)
Warrior Mutator (limited Items)
Item Stat Remover for WARRIOR mutator
Northern Timber
Barbarian Surgeon
Barbarian Barber
Akuba’s Salon
Character Customization
Immersive Armors
Ravencrest Couriers
Reduce Rain
GOT Servermod

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DIscord Link

Less than 18 hours until launch. HYPE.

We’ve had an amazing launch with dozens of new faces. If you are looking for a new place to tell your stories in a world where every choice has an edge to it’s outcome, then look no further. Come and see what you’re missing.

Do you still have an opening?


Server is still running and it is looking good :slight_smile:

Our lauch was successfull, and we have 60 whitelisted characters. Our Peak time is EU prime time, but US TZ is strong as well.

Come all on, it is fun!