Game server №2 no works

I have my own dedicated conan exiles game server. I wanted to create another 1 server on another computer, on the same ip address as the first, but server number 2 does not appear in the list of servers. What could be the problem?

the ports?

ports are open.
Is it necessary to have 2 routers?

From what I read, no. You may want to ask Toolguy for help in the thread I linked to you if you have further questions.

Not at all. Two PCs, two different local IP addresses. Same external IP, to which people would connect.

Make sure you have Multihome unchecked on each server. Server #1 should keep the ports the way they are, because they are working. On Server #2, take each port number from server1 and add 20. Those will be your ports for server2.

After these are set, restart the server. You’ll need to poke holes in your router to correspond to these new ports, pointing them to the IP address of server2.

But one ethernet connection to the the same hardware, and telling the Multihome checkbox the local ip your port forwards are through?