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Recently downloaded the game, and everytime i load the server listings from the game client, it appears that it does not want to reload the current servers that i have recently played on. I am currently playing with friends on the same server and they are having no issues at all with this. I have checked out the forums and internet for any solutions. I have tried many of them, such as switching the Ping from the steam settings, running battle eye as admin, reinstalling the game(3 times), direct connecting to the server(which comes back with a “maxium ping allowed” and then when i refresh the direct, “authecation failed”.) I do notice that everytime i back out of the server screen and reneter the screen, it appears to load random amounts of servers each time. So i tend to back out many times and come back to hopefully see the server i play on. And sometimes it will load up. Then i can play on it. But im getting tired of spending at least a hour doing this. I shouldnt have to recreate more characters on different servers to enjoy the game with my friends on the same server. I even tried adding the servers to favorites, and they wont save as favorites and wont show under it. Nor does my history show up. Now when i go to steam servers, i notice that i have a better chance of seeing my server on there, however when i check server info it says server not responding… And i cannot connect to it when i try. I havent been able to connect to ANY servers from the steam server section. Sorry for the long story, but im enjoying the game and getting frustated that i cant play it when my friends get on. It takes me about a hour of reloading everything to get a random chance of our server to show. Also, i have made sure the firewall was allowing the game to go through, and everything is fine on that end.

Server is Official server #1876 PvP

Now, keep in mind my other friends join it just fine, and we have tried making characters in other servers before. But same results for me. But loads fine with them. And i have already check out that pinned solutions page and tried everything on that posting.

Hello @Codeman, welcome to the forums!

Do you have any firewall or other software that might interfere with the game?

What’s your current internet speed and ping to the server?
Are you connected to the internet through a wired connection or via wireless?

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Thanks for responding. I’m currently running 250 internet speeds and it runs over 200 all the time as I check it frequently. I made sure that the firewall wasn’t effecting the game at all as I made sure it was being put through.

There when it randomly adds the server that I play on, it connects fine. The ping shows on the server is low. Could be between 50-70 ping on server. It’s just the matter of getting it to load on the game client. Through the steam servers it will show up on list but will not allow me to connect

I’m also wired in

Still there?

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We’d suggest also trying to run the game with any firewall/AV software fully disabled, even if you have had it configured for the game’s client, just to ensure that it’s not interfering at all.

If the issue persists, could you check if you have UPnP enabled in your router and that all the necessary ports are open?

Lastly, please share your latest log of an unsuccessful server join attempt, which can be found in ConanSandbox/Saved/Logs, as well as your region and ISP.

Oh I thought this was only me…my servers don’t show up most of the time. It’s a dice roll every time I go online, been like that since early access for me ¯_(ツ)_/¯¯

I got exactly same problem, anyone get solution for this ?

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