Gameplay stuck and frozing screen

im very disapointed with this game after this last ‘‘hot fix’’ ( i don’t think so ) the game its awful to play the game froze screen every 3-4 steps foward ( online and offline ) the sounds and voices completely out of any syncronization ( online and offline ) object and enviroment textures loading all the time at short distances ( online and offline ) honestly im very disapointed with this promissory game but its impossible to keep playing you know
i live in a country where everything its so expensive and lack of confort we every day give our sweat and blood to still having a miserable life and my only ( drug ) to forgot my problems not work ( yeah i live in a broked country called brazil and if you want buy ( 1) game you have to spend 35% of your salary so for this i think im on my right to express what im think about the issues of the game very angry inside